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So why are there so many sex scenes in mainstream alternate history works? The Alternate Historian and Alexander "SpanishSpy" Wallace discuss this very question.
Its the most successful female led superhero film of all time, but what did the Alternate Historian and Alana think about it?
Antarctica is cold as hell, but what if it could support a native population? I answer that question in this Patreon sponsored video.

PS: I know there are audio issues when I am on screen. Sorry about that. Didn't notice it until the last minute. Will fix the problem in the next video.
I'm back to doing reviews on Amazing Stories and I begin my return with a look at Another Girl, Another Planet by Lou Antonelli.
Even alternate histories can have a close encounters of the third kind. These are my personal favorite alien races of alternate history.
In case you missed it, I was the guest for Tristan of Step Back History's Subscriber Appreciation Day May 2017 live stream. You can listen to everything we talked about like alternate history and how screwed up the DC cinematic universe is.
Donald Trump thinks Andrew Jackson could have stopped the American Civil War...but could he?
Did you know Marvel published an alternate history featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy? They did and I reviewed it.
Could an American Civil War era map be the world's oldest alternate history map? Find out by watching my newest video.
Even someone trapped in space and forced to watch bad movies with his robot pals has some time for alternate history. Check out my new video on MST3K's riff of Time Chasers and the show's experiment with changing their own history.
What if a map of Mu used actual geological data? It might look like the subject of my newest map analysis.
Turns out not every fictional dystopia is about Trump. Watch my new video to learn more.
I reviewed The Adventure of the Incognita Countess by Cynthia Ward, a steampunk spy thriller set on the Titanic, for Amazing Stories.
You had questions and I had answers. Enjoy and thanks again for being a subscriber.
Its time to conclude our plausibility review of SM Stirling's The Domination of the Draka by showcasing what is awesome about this series. Watch my new video to find out more.
The story of Amazon's The Man in the High Castle continues
We got over 3000 subscribers! Time for another Q&A.
We continue our plausibility review of SM Stirling's Draka by covering their history from the Great War to the 25th Century...yes there is that much history left to cover.
Want to learn about alternate histories outside of WWII? Then check out this article by Cory Albrecht (plus I get quoted)!
What if all women gained the power to shoot lighting from their hands? You'd get The Power by Naomi Alderman. Check out my review on Amazing Stories.